There are two kinds of mindset – Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset 

People with Fixed Mindset think that their abilities and talents are fixed hence they do not try to do something new.

People with Growth Mindset  are the people we see as our inspiration. They believe that their abilities and talents are not static and they strive to improve constantly through concentrated efforts.


By the way, do you always say CAN’T while doing anything?

⬇️ Then this video is for you!



Sometimes we feel that the efforts we are putting on a work is not yielding any result. But, are you aware of the fact of that at 211º water is just boiling but at 212º it becomes steam which can run locomotives ?

211º –> Just boiling water

212º –> Steam

As little as 1º can change your life!

Take a look at this video


As you try to achieve your 1º, let us talk about Bamboo.

Bamboo? Yep.

Bamboo is an incredible plant. It grows its leaves in summer but roots in winter. So, it takes advantage of the season and grow even though it appears dormant.

To know how bamboo can inspire you, let’s look at this video :


What one can be, one must be – Abraham Maslow

So, in order to be your true self, you have to be willing to improve yourself constantly with dedication.

This video might help you to be your true self :


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