There are two kinds of mindset – Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset 

People with Fixed Mindset think that their abilities and talents are fixed hence they do not try to do something new.

People with Growth Mindset  are the people we see as our inspiration. They believe that their abilities and talents are not static and they strive to improve constantly through concentrated efforts.


By the way, do you always say CAN’T while doing anything?

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Sometimes we feel that the efforts we are putting on a work is not yielding any result. But, are you aware of the fact of that at 211º water is just boiling but at 212º it becomes steam which can run locomotives ?

211º –> Just boiling water

212º –> Steam

As little as 1º can change your life!

Take a look at this video


As you try to achieve your 1º, let us talk about Bamboo.

Bamboo? Yep.

Bamboo is an incredible plant. It grows its leaves in summer but roots in winter. So, it takes advantage of the season and grow even though it appears dormant.

To know how bamboo can inspire you, let’s look at this video :


What one can be, one must be – Abraham Maslow

So, in order to be your true self, you have to be willing to improve yourself constantly with dedication.

This video might help you to be your true self :


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MY TOP 5 BOOKS FOR DIGITAL DETOX (Based on 260+ books I have read so far)

I have read 260+ books so far starting from 2018 and these are the My Top 5 book recommendations for digital detox!


Actions Speak louder than words

So, is there any app that you are using too much to escape the reality and to live in your comfort zone?

Then this video is for you :


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Do you know that there is something called SAR value in your mobile phones?

Go to Settings > Search for SAR

You will be baffled!

📌 You need to watch this video to completely understand about emf, emf effects and how to save yourself from emf radiation (emf protection tips)


You should not wait for the government to take some action on emf radiation.



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Do you know that some of the ‘Healthy‘ foods are actually dangerous to your health?

This video talks about OXALATES, often ignored toxic chemical in the food.



After you have watched the video about OXALATES, there is another toxic chemical in some foods called SALICYLATES. Salicylates also comes under the category of often ignored toxic chemicals that ruin your health.

Watch this video to learn about salicylates, why plants have salicylates and what dangers it pose to the health.


So, you may be wondering now about what actually constitutes a healthy food.

So, here’s few tips that will help you take informed choice in choosing healthy food in grocery stores.


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Books that I have read!

The Books that I have read and those I am currently reading:


1. Unlimited power

2. Amazing results of positive thinking

3. Sleep smarter

4. So you want to know about economics

5. Eat the frog

6. Miracle morning

7. 15 secrets successful people know about Time management

8. The Alchemist

9. The secret

10. The keys to success

11. Just breathe

12. De-clutter your mind

13. The war of art

14. As a man thinketh

15. Luminous life

16. Inspiring anecdotes

17. Ikigai

18. Handling difficult people

19. Change or die

20. Sapiens

21. Atomic habits

22. The 5 seconds rule

23. Gandhi book

24. Mindset

25. You are Placebo

26. Four agreements

27. Buddha

28. Mother Teresa

29. Gandhi book 2

30. Man’s search for meaning

31. How to make diseases disappear

32. Lies my doctor told me

33. Who moved my cheese?

34. Mastery

35. How to lie with statistics

36. The Stress solution

37. Homo Deus

38. Unthetered soul

39. Take off your glasses and see

40. Don’t sweat the small stuff

41. This is water

42. Captain Snout: Don’t let ANTS steal your happiness!

43. The case against Sugar

44. Deep work

45. The Telomere effect

46. So good they can’t ignore you

47. Head Strong

48. Bullet Proof Diet

49. The distraction addiction

50. Unsubscribe

51. Bored and Brilliant

52. The power of Now

53. Eat fat, get thin

54. Always Hungry

55. Flow

56. Game Changers

57. 12 Rules for Life

58. Food Rules

59. The Icarus Deception

60. Manage your day to day

61. How to become a straight A student

62. Don’t Just Sit There

63. Sitting kills Moving Heals

64. Digital Minimalism

65. 212º The extra degree

66. Instant Influence ( VERY GOOD )

67. The one thing

68. Striking thoughts

69. Loving what is

70. The man who tapped the secrets of the universe

71. 21 lessons for the 21st century

72. Why we sleep

73. An audience of one

74. Your erroneous zones

75. How to fail at almost everything and still win big

76. Giant Steps

77. The magic of thinking big

78. Can’t hurt me

79. Meditations ( VERY INSIGHTFUL )

80. Power up your brain

81. Grain Brain ( Old version )

82. Brain Maker

83. The Grain Brain Whole life plan

84. Change your Brain, Change your life

85. Brain warrior’s way

86. Finish

87. Letters from a stoic

88. How to stop worrying and start living

89. The tools

90. No limits

91. Thus Spoke Zarathustra

92. The art of learning

93. The Marshmallow Test

94. The obstacle is the way

95. Success through Stillness

96. Mind Hacking

97. Fear

98. Excuses Begone

99. Off the clock

100. The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

101. Enough Already

102. Daily Rituals

103. The Keto Reset Diet

104. What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

105. A Complaint Free World

106. The Compound Effect

107. The Narcissism Epidemic

108. The Shallows

109. The Distracted Mind

110. Clean

111. Genius Foods ( Finally completed after a long time! )

112. The Paleo Manifesto

113. The psychology of hope

114. Surrender Experiment [ Mind Blowing ]

115. The Miracle of Right Thought

116. The Hero with a Thousand Faces

117. Improv Wisdom

118. It worked for me

119. The World According to Mister Rogers

120. What doesn’t kill us

121. Make Time


123. Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It

124. Brain Rules

125. The Alter Ego Effect

126. Irresistible

127. How To Live on 24 Hours a Day

128. Lead Yourself First

129. Designed to Move

130. Buddhism Day by Day

131. Organize Tomorrow Today

132. Rest

133. Let’s go time travelling

134. Raise Your Game

135. Gandhi The Man

136. The Courage to Be Disliked

137. The Longevity Paradox


139. Philosopher’s Notes

140. The Boy Who Saw True ( Very Interesting )

141. Scrum

142. Calm

143. Golden Rules for Everyday Life

144. Stillness Speaks

145. Words to Live By

146. You Can, You Will

147. The practicing mind

148. Fully Engaged

149. Creator

150. Longitude

151. Never Split the Difference

152. Stillness Is the Key

153. Everything Is Figureoutable

154. Outliers

155. Notes to Myself

156. How to Win Friends and Influence People

157. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

158. What I know for sure

159. Indistractable

160. Everyday Zen

161. Your Brain at Work

162. Grit

163. The Daily Stoic

164. Bright Line Eating

165. The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook

166. Rumi Daylight

167. The Relaxation Response

168. 10X Rule

169. Overachievement

170. The 80/20 Principle

171. The Champion’s Mind

172. Be Unstoppable

173. How Bad Do you want it?

174. The Big Leap

175. 52 Wake up Calls

176. Leadership

177. Spartan UP!

178. Fat chance

179. Self-Reliance

180. Lies my doctor told me (2nd edition)

181. The Carnivore Diet

182. How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

183. You Can Heal Your Life

184. The Checklist Manifesto

185. In Defense of Food

186. Why we get fat

187. Stress Less, Accomplish More

188. Superheroes and Philosophy

189. Fix your feet

190. The Sleep Revolution

191. Constructive Living

192. The Achievement Habit

193. Let’s Learn Japanese Basic 1 Vol 1

194. Let’s Learn Japanese Basic 1 Vol 2

195. Wired to Eat

196. The Non Tinfoil Guide to EMF radiation

197. A Daily Dose of Sanity

198. Why Your Life Sucks

199. How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking

200. Time Warrior

201. Trying Not to Try

202. Leading an Inspired Life

203. Reinvent yourself

204. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

205. The Healthy Deviant

206. The first 20 hours

207. The Art of Taking Action

208. Let’s Learn Japanese Basic 1 Vol 3

209. Crazy Good

210. The Paradox of Choice

211. Focal Point

212. Maximum Achievement

213. Brain Wash

214. Discipline Equals Freedom

215. The Progress Principle

216. 50 self-help classics

217. Hyperfocus

218. Goals!

219. The procrastination equation

220. Focus

221. The Power of Mindful Learning

222. Farm to Fork Meat Riot: Regenerating Life Giving Force

223. Ask and It Is Given

224. Make It Stick

225. The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics

226. Reinventing Yourself

227. The Emotional Life of Your Brain

228. The Little Book of Talent

229. How We Learn

230. The Gifted Adult

231. Secrets of the millionaire mind

232. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

233. The Essence of Success

234. The Power of Full Engagement

235. Out of the Maze

236. When

237. The internet trap

238. The School of Greatness

239. Plant paradox

240. Zen

241. My Morning Routine

242. Brain Power

243. One Small Step Can Change Your Life

244. The Practicing Stoic

245. Everyday Enlightenment

246. The Big Picture

247. Let’s Learn Japanese Basic II

248. Counterclockwise

249. Million Dollar Habits

250. Positive Addiction

251. The Places That Scare You

252. Awareness

253. This Book will make you dangerous

254. The Event: Little Dragon

255. The Wheel of Time

256. The Language Of Influence

257. Mindsight

258. Ultra Learning

259. The secret of Letting Go

260. Radiation Nation

261. How I got 800,000 subscribers in 6 months

262. True to Form

263. Getting Things Done

264. Smartcuts

265. The Winner Effect

266. Superfans

267. The End of Alzheimer’s

268. Off

269. Essentialism

270. Make your Bed

271. Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

272. The 5 AM Club

273. Plato’s Lemonade Stand

274. Limitless

275. Musonius Rufus

276. Ichigo Ichie

277. The life-changing manga of tidying up

278. The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

279. The Analects of Confucius

280. The Enchiridion

281. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

282. The Element

283. The Dhammapada

284. The Creative Habit

285. Black Hole Focus

286. A Guide To The Good Life

287. Conquest of Mind

288. The Pursuit Of Perfect

289. How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci 

290. How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

291. The Second Mountain

292. Falling Upward

293. Staring Down the Wolf

294. Gratitude Works

295. It Takes What It Takes

296. Tiny Habits

297. Rethinking Positive Thinking

298. The How Of Happiness 

299. The Oxygen Advantage 

300. The Inner Citadel

301. Wealth Warrior 

302. Think On These Things